Apr 29, 2011

There is No Purpose or Anything Interesting in this Entry

So I feel like when I usually sit down to write a blog, I usually have a purpose in writing it or a topic I wish to expand upon because A) I have no one to physically talk to or B) Everyone I know is sick of hearing me talk (most likely scenario). 

But today, I have absolutely nothing extraordinary to contribute to the world- but I guess that is generally the purpose of a blog. You just type words, hit "Publish" and your revelations regarding Doritos and cream cheese (don't knock it til you try it- preferably with a few drinks in you first).

I think it is a combination of me being alone in a law office and also procrastinating finishing my last paper ever for university that has lead me to becoming inspired to write... about nothing.

Regrettably, I also went out to McFadden's last night which is the cheesy college bar on campus. A friend was having a happy hour and naturally it lead to a group of about ten of us pounding back $2 drinks until that group of ten slowly shrunk until it was just me and my vodka cranberry. Needless to say, waking up this morning was... interesting. I popped 3 advil, downed an egg and cheese sandwich from Brueggers and prayed that I would make it through til 5:30. It's only 9:22 am and I can already see how this day is going to be a struggle.

At least I have lunch with a friend at 1 to look forward to. I am also thinking of trying to rally for another Happy Hour after work but I may need to hang my head in shame and call it a night. But, knowing me, Happy Hour trumps everything. And I was apparently so fond of yelling last night, "We're so young! We have to enjoy EVERY minute!" Oh yeah, I was that girl.

I also found out that my two Chilean BAFs (best amigos forever) are going to be leaving in about 10 days. Which makes me incredibly sad. This is the problem with international friends- eventually they (or you) return back home. And yet, I still keep making friends with people from countries I could not find in any Sporcle game (I generally fail at any sort of geography. The difference between my right and left is still somewhat challenging for me). It's always been a sort of a joke with my friends of how I am subconsciously drawn to people from different countries. It's a blessing a curse.

The one thing that really annoys me about having non-American friends (and let's face it, about 90% of my friends are non-American) is that the 'compliment' "You don't act like an American". OK, I get it: everyone in the world hates us. We're neo-colonialist capitalistic bastards- I've heard it all. But at the end of the day, I was still born in this country and I am still proud of it.

I grew up a first generation American on my father's side. I remember before he got his green card, my brother and I would threaten that we had INS on speed dial if we ever got mad at him. I remember him struggling with his English and getting so offended when people wouldn't be able to understand him. Yet, he loves being American. He chased down his American dream and accomplished so many amazing things.  He is still a Moroccan, French and Israeli- but he is also proud of his American identity. And I am too. There are definitely times that I get annoyed with this country and admittedly, I do not plan on living here in the future, I am proud that I grew up in such an amazing country.

End rant. 


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