My Bucket List

   1. Run a marathon
   2. Learn a fourth language
   3. Climb a mountain
   4. Give away $1,000 in one day
   5. Visit South America
   6. Kiss the Blarney Stone
   7. Sail on a yacht
   8. Sleep in a castle
   9. Go camping for a whole week
  10. Hug a koala bear
  11.  Give "Free Hugs" (Rally to Restore Fear/Sanity)
  12. Ride in a hot air balloon
  13. Shoot a gun (Gun range with my mom!)
  14. Ride in a limousine
  15. Take an overnight train across Europe  (Germany!)
  16. Jump into a waterfall
  17. See a polar bear
  18. Witness an inauguration  (Obama!)
  19. Visit the Taj Mahal
  20. Hug a monkey
  21. Adopt an orphan
  22. Go to Oktoberfest AGAIN
  23. Bake a cake completely from scratch
  24. Go WWOOFing
  25. Write a book
  26. Be paid to write something
  27. Go to a desert music festival
  28. Fall in love
  29. Sleep in a train station instead of actually paying for a hostel (Germany... and countless other times if we're including airports)
  30. Witness a world cup
  31. Go skinny dipping
  32. Go sky diving
  33. Get professional portrait taken with my Mom
  34. Host a house party  (Junior year of highschool. Never doing this one again!)
  35. Give a toast
  36. Go on a roadtrip in America (at least 3 states)
  37. Kiss a stranger
  38. Backpack in South America
  39. Visit an African refugee camp
  40. Swim with dolphins (Best birthday present ever)
  41. Get published in a newspaper (Still waiting for the NYTimes)
  42. Fly a kite
  43. Fly First Class internationally
  44. Go out for a fancy dinner by myself
  45. Hug a camel (I like to hug large mammals)
  46. Tip a waitress $100
  47. See the "Mona Lisa" (Definition of anti-climatic)
  48. Fall asleep on a beach
  49. Read a book that was not written in English
  50. Kiss someone on New Years
  51. Climb the Eiffel Tower (In heels nonetheless!)
  52. Travel to fifty countries (forty more to go!)
  53. Go to Canada
  54. Get high in Amsterdam (Yeah, definitely accomplished that one)
  55. Slap someone in the face/Throw a drink on someone (either one will be equally satisfying)
  56. Stand on the equator
  57. Get rid of my Facebook
  58. Live without spending any money for a week
  59. Ride on a cheesy, double decker tour bus
  60. Have my own moped/scooter
  61. Use a bicycle as a form of transportation (rode a bicycle from Belgium to Holland)
  62. Travel internationally with my Mom
  63. Walk to the monuments in Washington, DC at sunrise
  64. Yell at someone "I curse the day you were born!"
  65. Learn to drive stick shift
  66. Sing karaoke (sober) And I rocked it
  67. Live abroad
  68. Visit somewhere haunted
  69. Go linedancing
  70. Go to an ice bar
  71. Kiss in the rain
  72. Couch surf Twice now! Can't wait to do it again!
  73. Ride a mechanical bull
  74. Get a really nice professional camera (and actually use it)
  75. Get my TOEFL certification
  76. Go on a blind date Yeah...
  77. Graduate from college (May 2011)
  78. Learn to play a song on a guitar
  79. Hitch hike (and not get raped and/or murdered and/or mugged) Done it too many times
  80. Go to a "paint your own pottery" store and paint something Thanks to Mom and Jenn for this one!
  81. Visit the islands of Greece
  82. Take a picture in front of the Champs-Élysées Paris. Spring Break. 2008.
  83. Buy a "around the world" plane ticket
  84. Go back to the orphanage I volunteered in India
  85. Own a pig as a pet
  86. Hail a cab in New York City Felt oh so posh.

to be continued when I get more creative! Send me ideas too at