May 21, 2011

Double Feature

Firstly, let me apologize for being a horrible blogger. Last week I graduated from college and officially became an alum of GWU! Whew- huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! It was really anti-climatic actually; I had enjoyed a whole week of celebrations and time off of school to just drink and sleep, so when graduation eventually rolled around, I was excited to just have the time off to detox and wean myself off of vodka cranberries and tequila.

After graduation, my mother and I packed my entire life into an MDX Acura and headed down to North Carolina to see my grandfather for 2 days. However, upon arrival, he dropped a bombshell on us by informing us that his doctors found cancer throughout his body and he really had a limited time left. Like months. Big bombshell. So we extended our trip here and have been kind of hanging around in limbo, waiting to hear back on test results and deciding what to do. It's been stressful, and I also have been dealing with helping my mother. It was definitely a big step downward from the high of graduation and kind of a complete 180 degrees. So, that is mainly why I have been such a horrible blogger. And the thing with blogging is, I feel like you have to keep it up otherwise you just get so intimidated by the backlog. But whatever, I love writing and will keep it going, even if one sole reader in Thailand reads it (thanks, by the way).

But having all this down time has allowed me to catch up on some good movies. And I just came back from seeing the new film Bridesmaids which I highly recommend. The Judd Apatow film has basically been advertised as "the female The Hangover" which essentially it is. And that is why it is so revolutionary. It really is one of the first feature films in which women are portrayed as raunchy and dirty  and have a completely "unfeminine" or "unladylike" sense of humor and that's what makes it funny!!

I love that women in the film are making jokes about their vagina or admitting to shitting in their pants. It's okay to make a dirty joke and still be feminine. The two are not mutually exclusive. 

The film also was great in exploring and portraying female relationships and not over-simplifying them or making them obnoxiously superficial. The film was really a breath of fresh air and (hopefully) a harbinger of a change in cinema in which female characters are given more credit- we can be the joke, not simply the butt of it.

I really encourage and recommend to everyone to dish out the $10 and go see this flick. Bring your friends and make a night out of it. I spent a good forty minutes discussing it with my mother afterwards. So yeah, take your mother. Sure there are some awkward sex scenes and jokes about blow jobs, but hey- we're all women. 

And on a completely unrelated side note, now that I have internet connection and am surrounded by family that think that sunset is directly correlated to bed time, I will be able to spew forth more awesome blogness. Thanks for still reading!


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